Other Party Responsibility.If you suffer injuries for which another party or payer may be primarily
responsible for the loss or payment of the medical expenses, the Plan has an independent right to file a claim or pursue other legal remedies from or against the party that caused the loss, or any entity which may be responsible for payment of the medical expenses, to recoup benefits paid by the Plan that were caused by a third party, or for which payment is potentially the responsibility of another party. If you suffer injuries for which another party may be responsible, or incur medical expenses whose payment may be the responsibility of another party, please notify the claims administrator. The Plan will determine whether it will bring an action against the potentially responsible party for payment of medical benefits it has provided for your treatment. You will not personally be responsible to repay the Plan for these benefits, but the Plan can file a claim or take action directly against parties which may be potentially
responsible for the loss or potentially responsible for payment of the medical expenses.

Assignment of Benefits. Any benefits payable under the Plan are paid to you, unless you specifically request in writing when the claim is submitted that payment be made directly to the provider of service. Most hospitals will require you to sign an “Assignment of Benefits” prior to treatment so that they may be paid directly. Physicians may also request that you assign benefits directly to them. In the event that payment is made directly to the provider of service, you will receive written notification of the payment and how it was computed.

Amendment or Termination of the Plan. Although established as a permanent plan to be maintained
indefinitely, the Plan may be amended, canceled or discontinued at any time by the Plan’s Board of Directors without the consent of any covered individual. In the event of termination of the Plan, written notice of such termination and the rights of all Plan participants shall be provided to all covered Employees at least 90 days in advance of the date of discontinuance. In the event of any amendment which affects any rights described in this booklet, new booklets or notices showing the changes will be distributed.

Authority and Discretionary Control of the Plan. The participating Employers and/or the Plan Administrator and their designated Plan representatives have the full power and authority to determine all questions of eligibility for benefits of all claimants, and to interpret and construe the terms of the Plan. Such determinations, upon proper and adequate review, shall be conclusive and binding upon all interested parties.

Named Fiduciary. Unless otherwise specified in this Plan Document, the Named Fiduciary shall be the Plan Administrator, or other such individual(s) specifically designated as Named Fiduciary by the Plan Administrator. The Named Fiduciary shall have authority, as specified by the Plan Administrator, to control and manage the operation, administration and assets of the Plan. The Claims Administrator and managed care vendors are not a named Fiduciary, and are required to process claims strictly in accordance with the Plan Administrator’s Instructions.