The OU Health Plan is a Plan of choice.  Members have the choice of using either an In-Network healthcare provider/service or and Out-of-Network healthcare provider/service.

However, your out-of-pocket costs will differ depending upon which provider network you choose.

Out of Network Benefits – Professional Providers who do not have agreements with the Plan to accept certain payment for services are considered Out-of-Network

The choice of using Out-of-Network providers/services would result in paying a co-pay, meeting an annual deductible ($1,000 for Individual and $3,000 for family), and paying co-insurance.  After meeting the annual deductible, the Plan would pay 80% of the Usual & Customary (U&C) charges and you would be responsible for the balance of the charges (co-insurance).

To find an in-network provider, go to and your Member ID is OUH.

(When Medicare is primary, you do not need to choose OU Health Plan In-Network providers. Always be sure the provider is a Medicare provider.)