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HealthReach Care Management
What is Health Reach Care Management?

The HealthReach Care Management program of HCS identifies high risk members based on medical and pharmacy claims to provide one-on-one management services. HCS applies a coordinated approach for members that have chronic health conditions that include employee outreach, physician involvement, nurse coaching, and data monitoring. Even minor improvements in member habits and health can deliver measurable results – fewer hospitalizations, fewer Emergency Room visits, less absenteeism, better outcomes and better quality of life. This comprehensive outreach program is designed to provide at risk individuals assistance in making better health choices and decisions to help them reach the maximum health status.

HCS has Registered Nurses and Certified Coaches called Care Managers who provide personalized information and assistance when a member needs to make decisions about their medical case. The health professionals at HCS are familiar with the benefits of the OU Health Plan and work together with members to ensure that the right information is available to make good health care decisions.

HealthReach participation is as simple as responding to phone calls from an assigned Registered Nurse Care Manager from HCS and having conversations, about once per month based on member’s schedule, with him/her about improving their health. Care Mangers will help members set goals for lifestyle changes and improve compliance with their standards of care.

Care Managers’ role is to serve as resources for members – to help them better understand their current health status as a patient and to work to help create a healthy lifestyle. In this way, HealthReach is a complement to, not a replacement for, care provided by a doctor or other primary care provider. Care Managers will only contact a member’s doctor if advance permission is given by the member.

Members who may require additional assistance may receive a direct call from a HCS HealthReach Care Manager. HealthReach Care Management is a valuable resource and members are encouraged to participate should they need help with medical needs or education on health conditions.

HealthReach is available:
If you had questions about:

  • Where to obtain medical treatment or service?
  • What new technologies are developing for certain procedures?
  • How to choose treatment for a medical problem?
  • When to use over the counter medications?

AND if a Nurse called to help answer these questions, you could…

  • Make informed choices for yourself;
  • Be more confident in your health related decisions;
  • Avoid developing future complications;
  • Feel better, have more energy, less discomfort.

HealthCare Strategies Services Programs are provided without cost to members enrolled in the OU Health Plan; provide confidential & specialized information to help individuals to achieve maximum health; cannot make decisions for you; can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-800-582-1535.