Orange-Ulster School Districts Health Plan
P.O.Box 941
Harriman, NY 10926

Services Providers

INDECS Corporation – (1-888-446-3327) – Service Provider since 1987. Third Party Administrator (TPA) of claims. Adjudicates the claims and makes payments to enrollees and healthcare providers. Advises the Health Plan of all health insurance matters and prepares monthly and quarter financial reports for the Plan Board of Trustees.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield – (1-800-810-2583) Provides the Plan’s PPO Provider and Hospital Access and Management networks Nationwide.

CVS/Caremark – (1-844-345-2792) – Service Provider for Pharmacy benefits.

HealthCare Strategies, Inc. – (1-800-764-3433) – Service Provider of Utilization Review, Large Case Management for Hospital and Disease Management services.

EnvisionRx Plus– (1-844-293-4760) – Service Provider for Retail benefit-Medicare retirees.

DrugSource, Inc. – (1-800-854-8764) – Service Provider for Mail-In Pharmacy benefit – (Rondout Valley SD ONLY)

Orchard Specialty – 1-877-437-9012) – Service Provider for Specialty Drug benefit-Medicare retirees.

Quantum Health Solutions, Inc. (1-888-214-4001) – Service Provider for Psychiatric and Substance Abuse since 1991. Provides Psychiatric and Substance Abuse network as well as utilization review. Quantum normally gives a report to the Board of Trustees annually.

Optum (OptumHealth Care Solutions, Inc.) – (1-888-471-0117) – Service Provider for Managed Physical Medicine since 2002. Provides a Managed Physical Medicine network, which includes chiropractic, physical therapy and occupational therapy. They normally report to the Board of Trustees annually.

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