INDECS CORPORATION is the Health Plan’s Third Party Administrator (TPA). As a self-funded municipal cooperative plan, the Orange Ulster School Districts Health Plan employs INDECS to process claims in accordance with the Plan provisions.

INDECS Customer Service answers Plan Members’ questions regarding claims, benefit provisions, the Plan’s prescription Drug Program, eligibility, student status and most other elements of the Plan. Members can access the INDECS Connection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by clicking on the link to your left or you may contact them directly at 1-888-446-3327.

INDECS also provides or coordinates various elements of the Health Plan, bringing a central administration to the Plan Membership. Working with the Health Plan Trustees, and the participating School Districts Directors, INDECS makes sure the Plan’s Utilization Review and Case Managers at Health Care Strategies, Quantum, ACN Group and Caremark provide their health care support services in accordance with the Plan’s benefit provisions.