OptumHealth Care Solutions, Inc.
(*These benefits are administered by OptumHealth Care Solutions, inc. under the brand “Optum” for reference.)

Introduction to Optum – (1-888-471-0117)

About Our Program

As part of Optum, the managed physical medicine program offers chiropractic, physical therapy and occupational therapy services to Orange Ulster School Districts Health Plan members.

Optum is a physical medicine company that has been providing physical medicine programs since the 1980s. Built on the same successful model as our chiropractic care services, physical therapy services were added in 1995. Our physical therapy networks include specialists in all seven board certifications of the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists.

Access to Quality Network

Our extensive network combined with our on-site clinical staff, unique educational programs, and best practice initiatives, have made us one of the most respected authorities on physical medicine in the health care industry.

Using our knowledge and experience, we have designed innovative processes and technological capabilities that are targeted at improving the health care experience for the patient and the health care professional.

We are committed to helping ensure that you have access to safe, high quality, affordable chiropractic and physical therapy treatment that is specific to your needs and is aligned with current science.

Quality Care

One of our most important jobs is to help you navigate the complex requirements of today’s health care environment efficiently so that you can be confident you are getting the best care possible.

You benefit from our Clinical Support Program in several ways:

• Access to providers who have successfully passed our rigorous credentialing process.
• Receive treatment that is consistent with current best evidence resulting in improved quality and affordability of chiropractic and physical therapy care.
• Availability of decision-support resources to help you decide which chiropractor or physical therapist to see for your condition
• Minimize the complexity of the various tranactions associated with seeking chiropractic or physical therapy treatment

We work with our network in a variety of ways to provide chiropractors and physical therapists with information that helps to ensure patients improve as quickly as possible. We are highly respectful of your relationship with your chosen chiropractor and/or physical therapist and attempt to leave the decision-making regarding your specific treatment up to you and your practitioner.